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  • Wissota Model 911 Skate Sharpener

    Wissota Model 911 Skate Sharpener

    Professional skate sharpening, right from home! The Model 911 Skate Sharpening Machine is 100% made in the U.S.A., works with all hockey and figure skates, and is easy enough for anyone to operate!

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How much money are you currently spending to have your skates sharpened every year?

Use our interactive table to find out!


100% American Made

With Wissota Sharpeners  you can expect:

  • 100% American Made quality.
  • Precise skate sharpening to well within .001"
  • User friendly design easy enough for ANYONE to use.
  • Proven customer satisfaction since 1946.

Personal Sharpening

The benefit for you:

  • Convenience of sharpening right from home.
  • Professional-grade skate sharpening every time.
  • Reliable edges to maximize skating performance.
  • Long-term savings on the cost of skate sharpening alone, do the math!

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